Day 5: Indoor/Outdoor Fabric!

by MJ Gourd in

Day 5 of 365 Days of a Happy Home!

To continue on the indoor/outdoor theme...PERENNIALS is one of my favorite manufacturers of indoor/outdoor fabric. Their colors are fresh and there textures are so lush you would never know they are solution dyed acrylic. Because of how the thread is made, the woven fabric will not fade and will repel liquids. This makes these fabrics ideal for indoor use, too, especially upholstery. Check out a few of the great offerings from Perennials. Contact me to bring them into your home!

OutdoorFabrics_04 per

Restoration Hardware has teamed up with Perennials to offer their solution dyed acrylic fabric for upholstery on many pieces of their furniture.

Lots to choose from

Earth tones.

Lots of texture and color.

This indoor/outdoor fabric has great texture.

Perennials brand fabric comes in lots of great designs and colors.

Solution dyed acrylic trim is perfect indoors or out!