West Union


This home was purchased by a family with two young children as their getaway from a hectic schedule in New York. They absolutely love this eighteenth century house, especially the volume of the rooms and the three fireplaces. The house was in excellent shape when they bought it, so MJG Interiors and the clients collaborated on ideas for their needs and tastes. We brought in antique furniture, bespoke drapes, fun bedding, new paint colors and artwork.

The master bathroom was a surprise for our client's husband. They both love a steam shower and it's what they use to unwind. So while they were not using the house, the crew sneaked in the house and ripped out the old tub and shower. We had to use the existing space which luckily housed a 6 foot tub instead of the usual 5 foot which allowed us to fit a bench. This is a very old house and it was not possible to move the electricity and plumbing without going to great expense. Sometimes limitations make you think outside the box and when this job was finished it not only looked beautiful it worked perfectly!