Day 3: Mudrooms!

by MJ Gourd in

Mudrooms are an important part of most homes.  They offer a place to hang coats, dry wet gloves, drop sports equipment and more.  If this part of your home is a catch all for every stray tennis ball, flip flop and wet glove it can make you cranky.  If this room offers  space to house and organize all of this gear, it can make you Happy!  Check out some of these ideas to incorporate into your mudroom! Bins and baskets help keep things organized.

Words of inspiration as you leave the house in the morning!

Get creative with areas under the stairs.

Every inch is utilized.

Not everyone has to deal with ice and snow!

Short on space? Turn a closet into a mudroom.


Dry wet hats and gloves.  Fold it away when it isn't in use.

Get creative with areas over the stairs!

Cabinets can hold (hide) a lot.

Rock filled galvanized boot trays give ample space for wet boots to try.